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Rosehip oil has a history of being one of the best therapeutic remedies and multipurpose products. Also known as Rosehip seed oil, it’s full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that are excellent for nourishing and hydrating the skin! Cliganic’s Rosehip oil is 100% USDA organic, pure and unrefined, making it one of the best Rosehip oils on the market today.

What are some of the best uses for Rosehip oil? Rosehip oil is known for its ability to hydrate the skin because of the amount of fatty acids it contains, making it easy for the skin to absorb. Additionally, it helps to exfoliate the skin, boost collagen formation in the skin and reduces scars and fine lines. Truly a quadruple threat, we know you’ll love it!

Did you know? Roship Oil is extracted from the fruit of the Rose plant - Not from the actual roses as often mistaken.

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Love This Organic Rosehip Oil

This Rosehip oil came packaged in an amber glass bottle with glass dropper cap. The oil is a golden orangish color and has a slight nutty aroma. It goes smoothly onto the skin with no heavy, greasy feel. It has made my skin feel velvety smooth and soft. I use it plain on my hands and mix with Cliganic jojoba oil to make a facial serum. I love that it's organic, cold pressed and unrefined. This is a great oil and I recommend it highly. I love it!

Love it

I’ve been using cliganic jojoba oil as a moisturizer for almost a year now and the rosehip oil is a great compliment, I use a couple drops of each and mix them together. I have extremely sensitive skin and oils have been the only thing that has worked! Love cliganic oils, thank you!

Amazing product and customer service!

First off, my dropper came broken. It was really unfortunate and it could've of been the brand or postal services fault. Either way it was broken and I was really disappointed. I emailed the brand and they apologized for the inconvenience and that they didn't respond right away due to lack of staff during fourth of july, which is very understandable. You can't really use the product without the dropper because its hard to get product out but, I made due and love the oil a lot. It makes my skin look healthy and glowy without looking oily. My older brother likes it a lot (16 so he has acne and the such.) I use it because my skin is dry and I have very bumpy skin and acne as well as acne spots. My skin looks good! Someone from the brand also emailed that they will be sending me another bottle and dropper! Thats really amazing service and I'm very thankful. Also it's vegan and cruelty free so it doesn't get better than that. Just buy it you won't regret it! :)

5 stars

I recently bought carrier and essential oils from Cliganic. They arrived on time, free of charge, well packed. Outstanding quality. I will definitely buy more products from them. Highly recommend.


I have gifted this oil to a friend who has been battling melasma on her face since 2010. She told me delightedly the other day that rose hip oil is making her melasma much less noticeable and that is due to the brightening properties of rose hip!