Unlock the Secret to Soft, Beautiful Feet this Spring: DIY Pedicure with Essential Oils

Experience the power of nature with your own pedicure recipe using essential oils

As the spring season comes knocking at our doors, you might find yourself tending to your neglected gardens, taking out your summer clothes and prepping your feet for your favorite spring and summer sandals.

This spring, instead of resorting to foot care products laden with concerning synthetic ingredients, why not try something more natural, more holistic, and more empowering?

Let’s look at making your own DIY pedicure with essential oils that not only promises to soften and smooth your feet but also rejuvenate your skin cells and deliver deep health benefits.

Intrigued? Let's dive in!

DIY Pedicure Recipe

Creating Your Own DIY recipe with essential oils for foot care

Creating your own foot massage oil to be used in your pedicure is incredibly simple yet profoundly rewarding. By doing it yourself, you get to control what goes into your blend and choose ingredients that align with your values and the specific needs of your feet.

The ingredients you will be using fall into 2 categories:

  • Essential Oils: These botanical ingredients are the distilled aromatic essences of various plants, carrying their health benefits in concentrated form. For our foot massage oil, consider essential oils like lavender for relaxation, peppermint for cooling effect, and rosemary for its anti-inflammatory properties. These essential oils will be the stars of your DIY foot massage oil.
  • Carrier Oils: Carrier oils are botanical ingredients that serve as the base to your foot massage oil. They dilute the essential oils to a safe concentration and which makes the oils easier to apply. Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil are excellent choices for their moisturizing properties.

Here is a list of the best essential oils for pedicure

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flower tops of the lavender herb-like bush.  The essential oil is loaded with molecules that have been shown to reduce inflammation, ease away muscles aches and pain and soothe physical discomfort.  Plus its aroma is very calming to our mind.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the common culinary herb that most use in cooking.  This essential oil is made up of molecules that have been shown to support circulation, ease away muscle aches and pain, and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the common peppermint herb. The essential oil has been shown to soothe away pain, lessen puffiness, cool and soothe away muscle tension while supporting your overall wellbeing.

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) Essential Oil is cold pressed from the peel of the grapefruit.  It’s sweet, fresh and citrusy and has the ability to feel both cleansing and energizing, making our feet feel awakened and fresh.

Spearmint (Mentha spicata) Essential Oil is steam distilled from the spearmint leaves which are a common herb used in cooking and tea making.  The essential oil is loaded with molecules that soothe inflammation, and ease the feeling of tight stiff muscles.  It also shares aromatherapeutic properties of cleansing and clearing, while calming our mood.

Recipe with Essential Oils

Read below for our DIY Pedicure recipe that uses essential oils - a powerful and effective combination of our best 5 essential oils for pedicure.

This recipe makes 1 one-ounce bottle for a total of about 28 grams.

What you’ll need:

  • Small digital scale
  • Measuring cups and spoons, or glass beakers
  • Stirrers, either metal or glass
  • Small whisk
  • 2 clean glass bottles with a pump
  • Blank Labels
  • Parchment Paper
  • Paper towel


  • 10 grams (approximately 5 teaspoons) of Jojoba Oil
  • 10 grams (approximately 5 teaspoons) of Sweet Almond Oil
  • 5 grams (approximately 2 1/2 teaspoons) of Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 1 gram ( approximately 20 drops) of Vitamin E Oil
  • 7 drops of Lavender Oil
  • 5 drops of Spearmint Oil
  • 8 drops of Grapefruit Oil
  • 3 drops of Peppermint Oil
  • 4 drops of Rosemary Oil


  • Before starting to make the recipe make sure the area where you will be blending is very clean. That means wiping down counter spaces with rubbing alcohol and putting away any food items and extra clutter.  Once your counter space, or table top is clean, line the area with some parchment paper, pull your hair back and thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Set out your digital scale and all other blending tools so they are easy to grab when needed.
  • Bring out all of your ingredients so they are accessible.
  • Using your small digital scale, and measuring spoons, start measuring out each ingredient separately into their own beaker or measuring cup, until you have every ingredient laid out in front of you.
  • Pour all ingredients into one of your empty beakers or glass measuring cups, and stir thoroughly using your small mini whisk, or other mixing tool.
  • Once everything is well combined, carefully pour the mixture into your empty glass bottles and cap with the pump closure.
  • Make up a name for your DIY Pedicure Oil, and write the name and the ingredients on the label and attach it to the bottle.
  • Use as often as needed!

The Holistic Benefits of Your DIY Pedicure Oil

Using your DIY pedicure oil for your pedicures or foot massages not only makes your feet look and feel beautiful, but it also offers deep health benefits.

  • Cell Rejuvenation: Essential oils such as Lavender and Rosemary are known for their cell-rejuvenating properties. They can help repair damaged skin cells on your feet and promote the growth of new ones.
  • Deep Health Benefits: The benefits of your DIY pedicure oil aren't just skin deep. When massaged into your feet, the oils can penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream, carrying their healthful properties throughout your body.

Embrace this natural, holistic approach to foot care and let your feet shine this sandal season!

Remember, our health is in our hands, and by choosing natural ingredients, we choose a more health-conscious and sustainable lifestyle.










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