DIY Aromatherapy Inhaler to Boost Your Confidence

Lack of confidence can have far reaching negative effects in both our personal and professional lives. And for some it can be almost debilitating.  Sometimes it's caused by feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy - and other times it could be simply feeling jittery or nervous when we are about to try and do something new.

So what natural remedies can we lean on to help encourage us to feel more grounded, centered, and positive about our abilities and potential?

Aromatherapy has the remarkable capacity to shift our mindset and completely change our mood. Just by smelling essential oils we can impact how we respond and react to both internal and external stressors.

Aroma has a direct connection to the part of our brain that controls our emotions and psychological responses to the outside world.  The instant we smell something it can immediately trigger a response in our mind that shifts our mood, and soothes our emotions.

How does aroma do this?  When we inhale and detect a scent, the invisible aromatic molecules enter our noses and trigger nerve endings found in the back of our sinuses.  That neurological reaction instantly sends a signal to the part of our brain called the “Limbic System” which in turn triggers a cascade of reactions that affect our behavior and emotional responses.

Smelling single note essential oils, or blends of essential oils can therefore have a powerful impact on our emotions and mental state - and actually shift things.  So when we are feeling down, low in confidence, ungrounded and uncertain, try reaching for essential oils and allow their aromas to boost your confidence.

Best Essential Oils

Here is a list of 5 of the best essential oils to use to Boost Your Confidence

Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedrus atlantica):

Atlas cedarwood essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the tall and majestic cedar tree that is native to Morocco. The wood has a long and ancient history that dates back to biblical times. It has a grounding and woody aroma that can evoke feelings of inner strength and confidence, while hushing away worry and overactive thinking. Just one sniff can offer immediate relief from self-doubt and worry.


Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin):

This oil is steam distilled from the dried leaves of the common patchouli herb that is a botanical relative of lavender and peppermint. Like cedarwood its aroma is earthy, grounding and calming, and can instantly make us feel comforted, and protected. It eases away feelings of uncertainty and encourages us to take action.


Organic Patchouli Essential Oil

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Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia):

Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the lavender flowers of the lavender bush-like herb.  Its healing benefits are many, but one its most powerful aroma therapeutic actions is to soothe away nervous stress and tension, calming both the body and mind. Its deeply calming properties can soothe away the anxiety that is triggered when we are lacking confidence.


Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis):

Orange essential oil is expressed (squeezed) from the peel of the orange fruit.  It’s fresh, sweet and fruity aroma is instantly uplifting and can encourage us to feel more positive. Self doubt and poor confidence can make us feel sad and depressed, so what better oil to reach for to uplift our mood and make us feel like we can accomplish anything!


Organic Orange Essential Oil


Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia serrata):

This species of frankincense essential oil is steam distilled from the resin of the frankincense tree that grows in India.  It has a distinctly different aromatic profile from the frankincense we are more familiar with from East Africa and Oman, but offers very similar benefits.  It is a great oil to choose for improving our confidence and grounding us.  It’s earthy woody aroma is centering and encourages us to be more self-reflective and tap into the power of our potential.


Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

DIY Essential Oil Inhaler

Let’s make a DIY essential oil inhaler:

Here are the blending tools you’ll need to make it:

  1. 1 personal aromatherapy inhaler, you can see what one looks like here.
  2. 1 tweezer
  3. 1 small mixing bowl, glass or stainless steel
  4. 1 mixing spoon, or tiny spatula - don’t use plastic!
  5. 1 Blank Label



Steps to make headache relief roll on:

  1. Add all your essential oils to your small mixing bowl and mix well with your metal spoon - don’t use plastic!!
  2. Once the essential oils are well blended, place your cotton insert from the inhaler into the bowl and use your spoon to make sure the cotton insert soaks up every drop of your essential oil blend.
  3. Using your tweezer, carefully pick up the cotton insert and place it inside the inner chamber of your personal inhaler.
  4. Cap the inhaler, give your inhaler a name and write your label and affix to the inhaler tube.

How to Use

The best and most effective way to use your DIY Essential Oil Inhaler, is to carry it with you whenever you are feeling down and full of self doubt.  And when the feelings start creeping in and affecting your mood, remove the outer tube cap and hold the inhaler about an inch from your nose, close your eyes and sniff.  You can do this as often as needed until your confidence is lifted and your mood shifts.

Let us know how this DIY aromatherapy inhaler recipe worked for you!

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