DIY Foot Scrub for Summer Sandals

It’s time to get those feet sandal-ready and step confidently into the sunny embrace of summer! 

As the temperatures rise, our favorite open-toed sandals and flip-flops beckon, but are our feet ready to make an appearance? Don’t worry! We have a delightful solution that will transform your feet from neglected to pampered: regular foot scrubs!

While we lavish attention on our faces and hands, our hardworking feet often take a backseat in our beauty routines. However, with the right care and a few minutes of self-indulgence, you can unveil beautifully smooth and soft feet that are ready to make a style statement in those cute summer sandals.

Regular foot scrubs are an absolute game-changer when it comes to achieving the perfect pedicure at home. These exfoliating wonders not only whisk away dry, dead skin cells but also promote blood circulation and stimulate the nerve endings in our feet, leaving them refreshed and revitalized.

In this blog, we'll delve into the magical benefits of foot scrubs, the natural ingredients that work wonders for your feet, and an easy DIY recipe that can be whipped up right in your kitchen. 

Get ready to embrace a sense of relaxation and take a step towards self-care as we guide you through the simple yet effective ritual of foot scrubs.

So, let's bid farewell to cracked heels, rough skin, and dull feet, and say hello to feet that are ready to dance with joy in those trendy summer sandals. Get ready to reveal the true beauty of your feet and embrace the season with confidence and flair!

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Here is a list of our top 5 essential oils to use in your DIY Foot Scrub

Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita) is steam distilled from the leaves of the common peppermint plant.  One of its many healing benefits is to revitalize tired and aching muscles, and refresh and awaken our circulation. Its fresh minty and tingly sensation is perfect to bring our tired feet back to life!

Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens) is steam distilled from the fragrant leaves of this large herbaceous bush that is native to warmer climates. Its floral grass-like aroma relaxes the nervous system and helps re-balances our skin.  Loaded with molecules that are both calming and antimicrobial, Geranium essential oil has the unique ability to simultaneously draw out and let go of what our body no longer needs, and help it to recalibrate and restore.

Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis) essential oil is cold pressed from the peel of the sweet orange and its bright uplifting citrusy scent makes us feel refreshed and energized.  The molecules that make up this essential oil are deeply cleansing, stimulating and restorative. 

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the Lavender herbaceous bush.  There have been countless studies over many years showing how Lavender reduces stress levels, soothes muscle aches and pain, and offers the experience of deep relaxation.  But another unique therapeutic benefit is Lavender’s ability to cleanse and detox our body and our mind, by helping us let go of things that are no longer helping us.

Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus paradisi) is cold pressed from the peel of Grapefruits and it has a light refresh and uplifting aroma that encourages movement, brightness and clarity.  It is a wonderful oil to use when we are looking to release and let go, start anew and regroup and refresh. It’s uplifting, revitalizing and clearing.

Read below for How to Make DIY Foot Scrub for Summer Sandals

Makes one 4 oz jar of salt scrub, that is good for 2-foot scrubs

What you’ll need:

  • Measuring cups and spoons, or glass beakers
  • A small mixing bowl
  • Small metal spoon, or wooden popsicle stick for stirring
  • 1 empty glass 4 oz jar
  • Blank Labels
  • Parchment Paper
  • Paper towel


  • ½ cup of Bath Salts.  You can use epsom salts, celtic sea salts, dead sea salts or himalayan pink salts.
  • ¼ cup  of Marula Oil
  • 7 drops of Grapefruit Oil
  • 4 drops of Peppermint Oil
  • 7 drops of Lavender Oil
  • 8 drops of Orange Oil
  • 3 drops of Geranium Oil


  • Before starting to make the recipe make sure the area where you will be blending is very clean. That means wiping down counter spaces with rubbing alcohol and putting away any food items and extra clutter. Once your counter space, or table top is clean, line the area with some parchment paper, pull your hair back and thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Set out all blending tools so they are easy to grab when needed.
  • Bring out all of your ingredients so they are accessible.
  • Using your measuring cups and spoons, measure out each ingredient separately into their own beaker or small bowl. Place the essential oils close by.
  • Pour your ½ cup of bath salts into a small mixing bowl. 
  • Next, measure out your Marula Carrier Oil
  • Next, add your essential oil drops (as listed above) into your Marula OIl and mix them together well.
  • Slowly pour your blended Marula Oil and essential oils into the bowl that has ½ cup of bath salts, and mix thoroughly.
  • Once everything is well combined, carefully spoon the mixture into your empty glass jar and cap tightly
  • Make up a name for your bath salt, and write the name and the ingredients on the label and attach to the jar.
  • Use half the jar per bath.

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5 Benefits of weekly DIY foot scrubs

  1. Essential oil and DIY salt foot scrubs offer a blissful and healing experience for your tired, neglected feet. Here are five remarkable benefits of incorporating these scrubs into your foot care routine:
  2. Exfoliation: Sea salt acts as a natural exfoliator, gently sloughing away dead skin cells and calluses, leaving your feet feeling smoother and rejuvenated. This process promotes better skin renewal, revealing softer and healthier skin underneath.
  3. Soothing Relief: The combination of sea salt and essential oils creates a soothing and therapeutic effect on your feet. Essential oils like lavender or peppermint have calming properties that help reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, and provide relaxation after a long day on your feet.
  4. Improved Circulation: Massaging your feet with essential oil-infused sea salt scrubs stimulates blood flow, promoting better circulation. This increased circulation can aid in reducing swelling and discomfort while supporting overall foot health.
  5. Antibacterial Properties: Many essential oils, such as tea tree oil, boast natural antibacterial properties that can help combat foot odor and prevent infections, making the scrub an excellent choice for maintaining foot hygiene.
  6. Aromatherapy Benefits: The aromatic essences of essential oils have powerful aromatherapy benefits that can uplift your mood, reduce stress, and enhance relaxation during your foot care routine. Enjoy the delightful scents and the rejuvenating effects on your mind and body.

With essential oils and DIY foot scrubs, your feet are pampered, revitalized, and treated to a healing experience that goes beyond just skincare. So, take a moment to indulge in this sensory journey and give your feet the love they truly deserve.

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