Top 6 Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Top 6 Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Summer is in full swing, which means you’re probably enjoying more time in the great outdoors, visiting family and friends, and exploring new places. Whether you’re home or away, diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to uplift your environment and experience the many perks aromatherapy offers. Below we share some of the benefits of diffusing essential oils and six of our favorite summer essential oil diffuser recipes that capture the spirit of the season and will leave you feeling energized, renewed, and refreshed.

Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils 

Diffusing essential oils is a form of aromatherapy, which is a wellness practice that uses the aromas of essential oils to improve our wellbeing and to help us experience the connection between our body, mind, and spirit. 

When we diffuse essential oils we disperse the aroma into the air through a fine mist, which we can smell more easily. Your sense of smell is directly linked to your brain and plays a big role in your bodily responses and memory. Just like when you smell food and then feel hungry, when you smell certain essential oils you may feel more calm, energized, or at ease. Here are just a few of the many benefits of diffusing essential oils:

  • Promotes sense of wellbeing
  • Creates a calming environment
  • Enhances mood 
  • Boosts focus and concentration
  • Support clearer breathing
  • Repels bugs
  • Reduces odors
  • Refreshes your home

6 Most-Loved Summer Essential Oil Recipes

Ready to start experiencing the benefits of essential oils? Try making these summer diffuser recipes! Just don’t forget to add water to your diffuser reservoir as directed. A special note on safety: be sure to always diffuse in a well ventilated room (somewhere out of reach from kids and pets) and never leave your diffuser on for 24 hours. 

Tropical Oasis Diffuser Blend

If you’re dreaming of a distant island in the sun where palm trees sway, this recipe is for you. Grapefruit, orange, and ylang ylang join forces for a bright, uplifting, and citrusy aroma. 

Out of Office Diffuser Blend

Set your phone on silent and your status to “away” because this blend will transport you to a state of pure bliss. Calming and grounding, lavender, geranium, and bergamot melt your worries away.

Cool Down Diffuser Blend

If the summer heat has you feeling like you’re in a sauna, consider this cooling and refreshing blend of peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus. 

Into the Woods Diffuser Blend

Like the idea of camping, but not quite ready to pitch a tent? Bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your home with this woodsy blend including cedarwood, frankincense, and rosemary.

Bugs Be Gone Diffuser Blend

Mosquitoes and flies don’t stand a chance with this multitasking blend of citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. Not only does it repel bugs, it also has a refreshing scent. For more ways to use essential oils to repel bugs, take a look at this article.

Never Ending Summer Diffuser Blend

Soak in those long summer days and recreate that carefree feeling any time of year with this reviving blend of cedarwood, patchouli, organic, and ylang ylang.

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to relax and revitalize your senses. Enjoy making these blends and keep the positive vibes flowing all summer long. To get the most out of your essential oil diffuser, remember to clean it after each use. Not sure where to start?  Take a look at this article for top cleaning tips.

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