Top Essential Oil Blogs and Podcasts for a Healthy Lifestyle

In recent years, essential oils have gained immense popularity for their numerous hair and skin benefits and their ability to promote overall well-being. Whether you're a seasoned essential oil enthusiast or just starting your journey, staying informed and educated is crucial. Thankfully, there are several exceptional blogs and podcasts dedicated to essential oils and well-being that can provide you with valuable insights, tips, and inspiration. In this article, we will explore some of the top essential oil blogs and podcasts that you should check out.

8 Best Essential Oil Blogs and Podcasts

1.) Cliganic “The Essentials” Blog: Cliganic is a brand that focuses on organic and natural products, including essential oils. Their blog provides valuable information on essential oil uses, benefits, and safety. The Essentials also covers topics like skincare, self-care, and sustainable living. If you're looking for a blog that combines essential oils with a holistic approach to wellbeing, the Cliganic Blog is worth exploring.

2.) Amy Galper Blog and Podcast: The Amy Galper Blog and Aromatherapy in Action Podcast, led by Professional Aromatherapist expert Amy Galper, offers a wealth of information, insights, and practical tips for achieving well-being through holistic approaches. With well-researched articles and engaging podcast episodes featuring industry experts, Amy empowers readers and listeners to make informed decisions when it comes to essential oils and aromatherapy. Emphasizing natural and sustainable practices, this platform is a valuable resource for aromatherapy enthusiasts and professionals, alike.

Essential Oils Blogs

3.) AromaWeb: AromaWeb is a comprehensive resource for all things related to essential oils. This blog covers a wide range of topics, including essential oil profiles, recipes, safety guidelines, and aromatherapy techniques. With its extensive collection of articles and guides, AromaWeb is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in essential oils.

4.) Young Living Essential Oils “The Lavender Life” Blog: Young Living is a well-known brand in the essential oil industry, and their blog offers a wealth of information on essential oils, wellness, and sustainable living. The Young Living Essential Oils Blog features articles on essential oil uses, DIY recipes, and personal stories from users. It's a great resource for those interested in essential oil education.

5.) The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast: Hosted by Samantha Lee Wright, The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast is a treasure trove of information for essential oil enthusiasts. Each episode features interviews with experts in the field, covering topics such as essential oil uses, at-home recipes, and the science behind aromatherapy. This podcast is a must-listen for those seeking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of essential oils.

6.) Natural Living Family Podcast: Natural Living Family Podcast, hosted by Dr. Eric Zielinski and his wife, Sabrina, offers practical advice and insights on using essential oils for health and wellness. Dr. Zielinski, a renowned expert in essential oils, shares his expertise on various topics, including natural remedies, emotional well-being, and essential oil safety. This podcast is a valuable resource for those looking to incorporate essential oils into their daily lives.

Essential Oils Podcasts

7.) The Herbal Academy Blog: While not solely focused on essential oils, The Herbal Academy Blog provides a wealth of information on herbalism, including essential oils. This blog features articles on herbal remedies, DIY recipes, and holistic health practices. Whether you're interested in essential oils or other natural healing modalities, The Herbal Academy Blog is a fantastic resource.

8.) The Essential Collective Blog: The Essential Collective Blog is dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals about essential oils and their benefits. This blog covers a wide range of topics, including essential oil profiles, recipes, and tips for incorporating essential oils into your daily routine. With its informative and engaging content, The Essential Collective Blog is a must-read for essential oil enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

Staying informed and educated about essential oils is essential for safe and effective use. The blogs and podcasts mentioned above offer a wealth of information, tips, and inspiration to help you on your journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced essential oil professional, these resources will provide you with valuable insights and guidance. For more educational resources, check out this article: Top Aromatherapy Schools and Courses.

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"I recently researched the best treatment for dry skin and scalp...I then came across some helpful info on the benefits of Jojoba oil and decided to look for an organic brand. Your oil is truly wonderful. I now use it exclusively for skin and scalp, only adding frankincense essential oil for its calming effects. This combo is exceptional. I'm very glad I found Cliganic."

Paula M.